Made of buckwheat flour, our range of savory crêpes are naturally gluten-free. With only about a twentieth of an egg per galette, there are also nearly fully vegan.
We also offer vegeratrian options; and because galettes are easily customizable, we can even discuss your diet to get you a meal that matches your needs! Just talk to us!

Traditionally made of wheat, butter and eggs, our sweets won't match every diet. The fact that they are customizable however means that we can adjust the toppings, to reduce the sugar or the fats at your convenience. Once again, just talk to us!

For the drinks as well, we understand that you may have special needs when it comes to diet and health. So, we have got such options in our range of drinks as well. From low fat, to dairy-free milks, we keep the options open. Also, we have selected additional soft drinks that match our philosophy of keeping healthy. Just for you!